Thursday, October 28, 2010

I thought today would be a purchase-free, zero milage day. Ha. Ha. Ha.

I really thought I wasn't going to buy anything today.  It was my first day volunteering at the food co-op, and I brought lentil soup for lunch so I wouldn't buy something pre-made.  I had plenty of food in the house for dinner, and I wanted to wait until tomorrow's farmers market to buy more produce.  And because the co-op is only half a mile from my house, I wouldn't be doing any driving.

"Heh," I thought.  "No purchases.  No driving.  Today's blog post is going to be awesome."

Then I got an e-mail asking me to pick up 15 lbs. of locally roasted coffee for the co-op.  So much for no driving.  And then I spent much of the day trimming, arranging and admiring the leeks, the collards, the fennel, the the bulk bins...Who was I kidding?  Did I really think I wasn't going to buy anything? 

I limited myself to these:
Two yams and a cup of pecans from the bulk section for just under $5.  I only wanted about a tablespoon of pecans, but I didn't want to waste a paper bag for so little.  If I'd brought my own little bag instead of using the bags the co-op provides, I probably would have bought less.

As soon as I got home, I steamed both yams, then mashed them with a little organic extra virgin coconut oil, some cinnamon, garam masala and salt, and topped them with a few chopped pecans and a drizzle of honey.  So good.  So satisfying.

Late in the afternoon, Jake and I decided to enjoy the rare 70 degree October day.  We walked to our community garden plot and pulled up some plants that weren't producing anymore.  We also harvested a few  beets, tomatoes, peppers and lots of arugula.  And look: our late planting of mesclun mix is coming along nicely.

After we finished tending the garden, we decided to take our cat to Harkness, a coastal park on Long Island Sound.  This involved yet more driving, but hey, I'd already blown my zero-milage day.  My camera batteries died, so I don't have photos from this excursion to show you.  But here's our cat Trilby at Harkness on another day:
Overall, I'm happy with my consumer decisions today.  The food I bought was nutrient dense and delicious, and though it might have cost less at ShopRite, I really love shopping at the co-op.  I also volunteered enough hours there today so that Jake and I will have a 5% discount on our groceries for all of November.  And to top it off, because I was at the co-op I ran into someone who bought two bars of soap.  That's the way local economies work!

I will say that I was startled when I checked the odometer and realized how many miles it is to Harkness and back.  

And do I ever, ever go a day without buying anything?  I'm starting to wonder.

Consumption totals: 
Food: $4.97
miles driven: 9.3 

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