Tuesday, November 23, 2010

And Even More Theater! Plus weekly consumption totals

Yesterday afternoon one of the playwrights, Anna, finished a draft of a full-length play.  And so by 6:30 yesterday evening most of the playwrights were gathered yet again, eating pizza and reading her play out loud.  We all hate Anna now because she wrote the whole play in four days and it's brilliant and emotionally true and, as Mike said afterward, she managed to make cancer both funny and sexy.  Did I mention we hate her?

Jubilant about having read such excellent work, Jake and Mike and I headed to the Dutch Tavern, where Mike was kind enough to buy us a round.  Thanks, Mike!

In other consumption news, I bought chocolate-covered almonds at the co-op earlier in the day.  I bought something else too...what was it...broccoli.  Somehow the chocolate made more of an impression.

I ate the chocolate almonds, and even the broccoli, before I thought to photograph them.  So here, instead, is a photograph of our sprout garden. They're ready to move into the fridge now.  Yum.

Monday's Consumption Totals:
Food: $4.08  (Are chocolate covered almonds food?  Or are they entertainment?)
Miles Driven: 6.5 (again, my half)
Given to me: pizza and beer!  (Anna bought pizza for all the readers.  Okay, we don't really hate her.)
Weekly Consumption Totals for 11/15-11/21
Food: $37.44  All of this came from either the co-op or local farmers. Woot woot.
Entertainment: $20 
Book: $4.19
Clothing: $3.99
Coffee: (my share) $5
Cat food: $5 (Jake went out and bought some that didn't show up in the blog.)
Bartered: Theater tickets, eggs, lettuce, pie
Waste generated: packaging from the cocoa mole sunflower seeds, the hazelnut milk, a plastic bag.  The usual recycling bin full of cat food cans.
Miles Driven: 71.6  Woah!  Almost all theater-related. In my defense, these were miles Jake would have driven anyway if I hadn't joined him.

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