Monday, November 8, 2010

Kale, Ale, and Weekly Consumption Analysis

Kale, kale, kale...ale.

That pretty much sums up yesterday's consumption.  I drank kale in my breakfast smoothie, shared kale chips with my coworkers at my new job, came home and ate navy bean and kale soup.  Then Jake and I raced off to our bi-weekly playwright's meeting where we read and critiqued new work.  Well, we read and critiqued new work during the first half of our meeting. The second half looked more like this:
That winter ale in the left foreground is mine. :)  I thought that would be the limit to my big night out, but at the last minute Jake decided to get a carrot cake, too.  Unfortunately for Jake, our server placed the plate in front of me rather than him.  Heh heh. 
We drove to the Avery Point campus for our writers' group, to the bar and home.  I walked to work at Mangetout but drove back for safety.  (Jake left the car downtown for me.)  Because we carpooled, I'm going to claim half the mileage in my consumption totals.

Daily Consumption Totals:
Beer: $5 (ate some of Jake's cake, too.)
Miles Driven: 7.5

Weekly Consumption Analysis 11/01-11/7
Food: $47.54  Of this, $40 came from either the co-op or directly from local farmers.  $7 came from a chain grocery store.
Entertainment: $13.  I went out a lot this week. 
Clothes: $6.  Thrifted.
Personal care: $6.49 (includes the infamous old-growth forest t.p.)
Household: 1.98
Cat food: $3.  We had good deals on cat food this week.
Miles Driven: 30.3
Waste generated: light bulb and hair tie packaging; one clear plastic bag; one take-out coffee bought for me which I appreciated very much.  As always, there's a pile of catfood cans in the recycling bin. 

I was surprised to see that we don't go through coffee as quickly as I thought.  We didn't need to buy another pound this week.  Good.  I really don't want to give up coffee.


  1. What I like about your spending patterns is that you still enjoy what's important to you: meeting with friends, the occasional coffee date, and other forms of entertainment. I'm finding that you and I spend about the same amount on food. How funny. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for the feedback...I find myself wondering how much most people spend on food, or how my spending in general compares to most people's. As for the entertainment budget, I would give up eating well before I would give up meeting with friends.