Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I Voted (Drove) Today!

Today is election day!  Here in New London, that means I started the day with some driving, as I now live about two and a half miles from where I vote.  I used to walk to my polling location, but last year our city reduced the districts from seven to three.  This cut some money from the city's budget, but now more people have to drive in order to vote.  Volunteers are driving people to the polls, of course.  But volunteers and people in need don't always connect.  I live in one of the poorest municipalities in CT--there are many people here with no cars, and many more weighing every dollar they put in the gas tank--and I can't help but wonder how many people will be disenfranchised.

On the way home from voting, Jake and made a rare stop at Walgreens.  I bought lots and lots of toilet paper--12 rolls, almost 500 square feet, for $4.49--as well as two compact fluorescent light bulbs for $.99 each  These were both great deals,  both of which I found through the flyers in the Sunday paper.  So by supporting our local paper I generated a profit for our household.  On the downside, the toilet paper is bleached and is 0% recycled.  Reading about 200 year old trees being cut down for toilet paper, I'm not feeling so good about this purchase.  Why is it a luxury to wipe my butt with something other than old growth forest?  Yay for the light bubs, though.

Later I drove to the supermarket for olive oil for soapmaking and catfood.  A lot of driving!  This is the most driving I've done since I started the blog.  I did walk for some of my errands: a soap delivery and a run to the post office. 

Jake and I don't have TV, so now we're off to the local watering hole to watch election results and drink a glass of wine.   Democracy's expensive.  Tee hee.
Todays Consumption Totals:
Personal Care: $4.49
Household: $1.98
Cat food: $4
Democracy: $4
Miles Driven: 11

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