Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Did hell freeze over? I didn't buy anything yesterday.

Finally!  For the first time since I started tracking my consumption, I went a day without buying anything.  In possibly related news, we woke up to sleet, snow, thunder and lightening.  If that was hell freezing over, you know who to blame.

I did have some business-related errands to run, however, so I've got some milage to report. 

And remember when I canceled Netflix?  Last night Jake and I were both tired and cold and a little down-hearted (I made a bookkeeping mistake and spent the electric bill money on overdraft fees) and we both would have opted to watch a movie if we'd had one here waiting for us. But because we didn't, I worked on a play instead.  And I'm feeling pretty good about that.

Daily Consumption Totals:
Miles Driven: 6.3


  1. I'd love to read your play someday. I love that you were able to create something rather than consume something (a movie). I think we should have a monthly day where everyone turns off the TVs, internet, etc. and make something instead of being a passive consumer of a created product. Just imagine what would come of that!

  2. Your idea of going beyond a monthly version of International Buy Nothing Day, and turning off the electronic distractions in order to make something is fantastic. I haven't had TV for well over a decade, but the internet can sure eat my time. When I'm working on a play I disconnect from the internet and use the computer strictly as a word processor.

    I'll send you my play if/when I finish it. I'm just getting started on it, though it's been kicking around my head for months.