Tuesday, November 23, 2010

More Theater.

Theater, theater, friends, theater.

This past week our playwriting group has been exceptionally active.  First we went to Westport for the reading of Mike's It Comes From Beyond.  Then we saw Kato's production of Eurydice.  Then Sunday we met for our bi-weekly meeting.  During these meetings we give cold readings of any new work, which helps the author hear what is and isn't working, and helps the rest of us develop our acting chops.  After we critique what we've read, we usually head out for drinks afterwards.  And by usually, I mean always.

I'm not much of a drinker.  If I never drank again, I wouldn't miss it.  But after our more formal meeting, I'm not ready for the night to end.  Besides, this group of writers has been meeting in various incarnations for over a decade.  They're my closest friends.  So although I sometimes can't afford this night out and could take or leave the beer, I'm willing to pay for another hour of camaraderie.

No photo of the beer--I forgot to bring my camera--so I'll show you a photo of Trilby instead.  He tore all the feathers out of his feather wand, but Jake replaced them with some blue rope and he's happy with that.

Sunday's Consumption Totals:
Entertainment: One beer plus tip $5
Miles Driven: 7 (I'm claiming half because Jake and I carpooled.)
Stuff Made from Other Stuff: cat toy

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