Thursday, November 18, 2010

Road trip! Restaurant! Oh the horror.

It Comes From Beyond!
A horror movie in which a vegan do-gooder is transformed into a gas-guzzling, cheese-sucking, cookie-chomping alien.

Readers, beware: last night four playwrights forced me into the back of a Subaru, drove me to Westport and made me eat cheesey, sour-creamy chicken chili and corn chips. 
Horrifying, isn't it?

Okay, okay.  The playwrights didn't really make me eat this. I could have opted to eat a bowl of black bean soup.  I admit it.  But all around me people were ordering sausage-fried cheese, and cheese-smothered sausage; and jalapeno, sausage and cheese quesadillas with sides, toppings and bottoms of cheese.  And...and...I was planning on making black bean soup later this week...and...oh heck, the sausagey, cheesey restaurant smelled too tempting and I caved.

Maybe this is a good time to mention where I am with my ever-evolving eating choices.  I'm mostly vegan.  I just about never buy animal anything except local honey.  But sometimes I run out of almond milk and I'll have a splash of Jake's cream in my coffee.  Or sometimes I'm out with friends and I don't want to be a pain in the ass, or sometimes I just want to loosen up a little and eat whatever. (At other times I have opted to be a pain in the ass, or at least a damn difficult house guest, and I regret that. ) So I'm not quite strict enough to call myself a vegan or even a vegetarian..  Still, that's how I eat for all but a couple of meals a month.

But back to my night out.  the real reason I ate chili and cheese at a Mexican restaurant in Westport was because a group of us traveled together to hear a reading of our friend Mike's play "It Comes From Beyond." . 

Jake and I are members of Mike's playwriting group, so we were familiar with the script.  But it was a treat to sit back and enjoy the cast's fine performance.  And it was also a treat to meet Slant of Light Theater Company's founder and director, Stacy Ruttenberg.  She's welcoming, engaging, and  dedicated to making the theater a safe space for artists to explore and learn.  And her mother makes awesome cookies.

I've been tracking my consumption on this blog now for three and a half weeks, and this is the first restaurant meal I've had during that time.  It was also the first longish road trip, but because we carpooled I'm going to claim 1/5 of the mileage as my share of the consumption. 

Daily Consumption Totals:
Theater Performance: free! Slant of Light Theater Company's monthly readings are free!
Dinner including tip: $13.  Jake bought my dinner (thanks, Jake!) but I'm going to include it in my totals.  If Jake doesn't like it he can start his own blog and call it "Lies Laura Tells."
Miles (in which I was) Driven: 30

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