Sunday, November 14, 2010

Foiled again! Plus this week's consumption analysis

Once again, the odds looked good for a purchase-free, zero-driving day.  Not only did we have plenty of food in the house, but Sunday is my waitressing day. I walk to and from work, and I figured I wouldn't go zipping around buying stuff and wracking up the mileage in between serving pumpkin roulade and mulled cider.


The trouble started when, as I walked into the kitchen after work, I saw Jake at the door with our cat Trilby wearing his harness.  So we three headed back--more specifically, drove back--downtown.  I bought...well, it wasn't sweet potatoes so it must have been coffee.  And Trilby got to explore the cafe's landscaping.

After we drank our coffees, we walked through downtown and stumbled upon a new gallery where Trilby was welcome.  Then we drove to the communtiy garden , picked some greens, and came back home. 

I have to admit, I don't regret my zero consumption plans being foiled.  This was a really sweet surprise outing.

Sorry I haven't had any useful information these past few posts!  But hang on, because I've got a few good posts planned for next week.

Today's Consumption Totals:
Entertainment: $3 (includes tip.)
Miles Driven: 1.5

Consumption Analysis for 11/08-11/14
Food: $37.92 All of this came from the co-op or directly from local farmers.  $3 was an impulse buy of a muffin and a coffee.
Entertainment: $33.  Of this, $25 was the annual library card fee.
Personal Care: $4.98
Household: $3.98 (the sprouting lids)
Gifted to me: bok choy, granola, sweet potatoes, homemade raspberry jelly.
Cat Food: $5 (my share)
Waste generated: the packaging from the sprouting lids, the ear plugs and the cotton swabs; two clear plastic bags
Miles Driven: 19.2

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