Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Supporting the coffee shop by not buying coffee.

See that?  That's a cup of tea.  Tea as in, not a cup of coffee.

I've mentioned before that when I go to a coffee shop to see friends, I'm buying coffee as a way of renting table space and supporting a small business.  But coffee's pretty expensive, even for a coffee shop owner.  How much profit could there possibly be in a cup of coffee?  So this morning, when Jake and I met two of our fellow playwrights at Muddy Waters, I opted for tea instead.  Tea's cheap!  Tea has a high profit margin!  So if I buy tea rather than coffee, I'm supporting the coffee shop just a little bit more. 

Later in the day I went to the co-op and bought this:

Locally-made tofu, bananas, split peas, almonds, four dates, celery, lettuce, a carrot, a parsnip, some apples and (of course) a sweet potato.  The apples were in the free bin next to the register.  I'm planning on making some more chocolate almond milk tomorrow morning, a tofu/veggie stir fry for tomorrow's dinner and a split pea soup later in the week. Those, some salads and some kale should last until the weekend, so I probably won't have to buy any more food until Saturday.

Well, maybe just a few more sweet potatoes.  :)

I walked downtown and back twice today--about three miles.  No driving.  But I forgot to bring my reusable produce bags!  So the mushrooms and dates came home in the dreaded clear plastic.

Daily Consumption Totals:
Food: $17.77
Entertainment: $2
Miles Driven: 0

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