Friday, November 12, 2010

La La La La I Can't Hear You.

I thought, I really really thought, that today would be my first no purchase, no driving day.  Even though I had eight packages to ship, I walked rather than drove to the post office.  And oooh, I was smug about it.  I was planning an awesome blog post about my own awesomeness even as I was awesomely walking.

It turns out I'm not all that awesome.

I hadn't been home an hour when I realized I didn't have enough distilled water to make soap.  And I was getting low on time.  So I drove--on a beautiful, sunny 62 degree day!--9/10 of a mile to the CVS and back.

I also bought some ear plugs so I wouldn't hear you all jeer at me (okay, so I wouldn't hear Jake snore) and 350 cotton swabs so my ears would be clean when I plugged them.

And then, just to ram home the point that I'm not even a little awesome, I realized I had to go out again for ink cartridges for my printer. 

Today's Consumption Totals:
(excluding business purchases)
Personal care: $4.98
Miles Driven: 5.3


  1. Chuckle, you can use tap water, you know...for soap anyway. We have really hard water here and we are doing ok. Some areas of London have Cast Iron piping though and they get DOS. Have you tried tap water for soap making?

  2. I've never used tap water! When I first started making soap, I read in several books that you had to use distilled. And for all the other experimenting I've done, I've never experimented with that. Huh. Thanks.

    The only time I ever have gotten the DOS was when I used lavender absolute in cominatin with lavender essential oil in a scent blend. I tried it twice; DOS both times. I never figured it out.