Thursday, November 4, 2010

I heart FRESH and FRESH hearts me.

This morning when I walked into the cooler at the co-op I saw the most beautiful thing:

That is a whole lot of kale with my name on it. 

And it came from an organization that I'm insanely in love with : FRESH New London.   As their website states, "Since 2004, FRESH has been working on transforming the food system of greater New London, from the belief that public health, social justice and ecological sustainability are inextricably linked." They run a large organic market garden and a few community gardens, including one in which Jake and I have two plots. They also teach gardening and leadership skills to children and teens, donate fresh vegetables to meal centers, and run a mobile farmers market which stops in the city's lowest-income neighborhoods.

In most areas, fresh organic produce is a luxury poor people can't afford. But because FRESH keeps their prices low--all that kale for $12?--and because their van reaches people who don't have cars, here in New London even very poor families can eat well.  I should say, too, that one reason FRESH can sell vegetables at these prices is that they also sell vegetables at higher (though still reasonable) prices to different markets.  People are used to medical clinics with sliding scale fees, but the notion of food at a sliding scale fee is unusual.  Yet food is an even more basic need.

I think I've mentioned that my friends have been generous with me lately: they've bought me a Guinness and a coffee; given me a half gallon of freshly-pressed raw apple cider, and--because I'd mentioned in this blog that Jake and I only had one soup spoon--a whole set of silverware.  So it felt really good to be able to share some of this kale with my fellow co-op volunteers.

While at the co-op today, I also bought some half-price bananas, an avocado, some almonds, some raisins, a sweet potato (this is sounding familiar, isn't it?) and some dates.  You can peel and freeze very ripe bananas, then use the food processor to turn them into an ice cream-like dessert.  Or--also in the food processor--you can make a vegan chocolate pudding with bananas, an avocado, some dates or honey, vanilla and cocoa powder.  (This is my go-to dessert when I have an irresistable chocolate craving.) 

Oh shoot.  I see a clear plastic bag. 

I walked to the co-op this morning despite the rain, but because I had so much kale I ended up going back for the car.  Then I ran a few other errands: some banking and a jaunt to the FRESH office to pay for the kale. 

Today's Consumption Totals:
Food: $23.14
Miles Driven: 4.5

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